Who am I?

My name is Michelle and this is my take on life in a small, southern Pennsylvania town.  My full-time job is raising my two beautiful daughters.  My other part-time jobs include housekeeping, laundry attendant, chief cook, dietician, and in my spare time I teach ballet and write.  Though I’ve moved to this very tiny town, I have big ambitions.  This blog will chronicle my journey to sustainable living.  It’s like 21st-century mom meets farmer.  Think I’m crazy? So, do most of my friends.  But how fantastic will it be to go out to my backyard and gather my entire meal for my family that night.  I  think it will be fantastic.  Easy? No, considering I don’t have the first clue how to do this.  But, fun? Yes!



12 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Came upon your blog while trying to identify chicks I bought from Tractor Suppy. I also live in Southern PA (south York County). They were yellow, now are 2 months old and some are brown, some are light brown and white. Any feedback is appreciated!!!!

    • If you got them at Tractor Supply in Shrewsbury/New Freedom I believe they are New Hampshire Reds. I’m still waiting to see what color they are going to be. Mine keeping getting darker. Good luck and keep my posted on when yours lay eggs!

      • Yes, it was in Shrewsbury. Some are a very dark reddish-brown while others are light brown with a lot of white. I bought them early March I believe. I live in New Park; a Maryland transplant. Love the farm life!

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