Can you hear me now?

So, it’s apparent that I haven’t been around much lately. Okay, I haven’t touched this blog since roughly February….2013! Oops! I don’t know why I have been so slack in the writing department. Nevermind, I do. I’m busy. Busy, busy and busy. Just like every other parent in the United States right now. Between kids, work, the house, and camping, I have no time for writing. Okay, so I slipped camping in there. It’s true…the Joyces have become a camping family.

It’s more like I have become obsessed with camping. We bought a camper in July of 2013 and haven’t stopped camping since. From March to November, if it’s a weekend, you will find us packing Rhonda and heading to a campground. That’s right, I named my camper Rhonda. In fact, I call her a tramper. It’s a combination of trailer and camper. I may have had a cocktail when that gem came out of my mouth.

The point is that I have found the key to relaxation. Being away from my house. When I’m home on the weekends, I feel the need to clean, organize and generally fiddle with things around the house. I lack the ability to sit in my house and not do something. Camping is the best remedy for that which ails me. Take me away from the house and take me away from wanting to fiddle.

The camper has been a wonderful addition to my family. If you doubt the joy camping brings to us, the proof is in the pictures.

best friends