Order has been restored….

after a very busy Christmas.  The presents have been put away and, though the tree remains standing until the New Year, Christmas feels done.  It’s time for me to move on to contemplating 2012. Though I don’t call them resolutions, I do look at my life and decide if things need changing.  This year I vow to make my new house a home for my family, spend more time with my kids and less time worrying about stuff that hasn’t happened and probably won’t.  Life in my new town has a lot to offer.  No bustling city activities, but time to walk down to the ponds and throw pebbles into the water.  Or time to plant some veggies and build my chicken coop. Time to think about what I’m going to name my future goat.  I’m going to be a small-town farmer.  Maybe a more appropriate term would be “farmer-ette.”  I don’t have dozens of acres.  Just 3.  And a quarter.  Can’t forget the quarter.  Just enough to see if I can sustain my family off the land I’ve been given.  So here’s to the New Year and my new adventure!